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That's Amore'!



Our Story 

The Passion for Pizza

On the road to bring you unbelievable wood fired pizza

We are a Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Truck. Our trailer houses a traditional Pavesi oven, which is fired to 900 degrees, allowing us to cook an unbelievable wood-fired pizza in 90 seconds.

If you have an interest in Neapolitan-inspired pizza in an on-the-go setting then we have what you are looking for.

Our Goals

 Diligently work to create a quality product.

Continuously develop new friendships.

 Love what we are doing and share that Passion with our communities.

Our  History

That’s Amore’ first opened its doors in August of 2017.

Change of Ownership effective 4/15/2021 



Are you coordinating a special event? 

Would a Food Truck add just the

right touch?  

Check out our Food Truck Experience for:

Weekend music at your Brewery or Winery

Church & School Fairs

Community Festivals

Holiday Bizarre

Races & Fundraisers

  Let us bring a twist to your event with Wood Fired Pizza!


Treat your guests to a truly unique experience with Wood Fired Pizza

made on-site.

Check out our Catered Experiences for:



Rehearsal Dinners



Block Parties

Company picnics .... 


Work Desk

Meet The Team

As of 4/15/2021 under new Ownership


Brent Caldwell

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Owner, Hostess, Chef & Cook


Coming Soon

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Hostess & Chef


Coming Soon

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Hostess, Chef & Cook

Pizza napoletana: i 6 errori più comuni - Enzo Coccia
Italia Squisita

Pizza napoletana: i 6 errori più comuni - Enzo Coccia

**ISCRIVITI al CANALE di ITALIASQUISITA** ItaliaSquisita ha chiesto a Enzo Coccia di realizzare un video dedicato agli errori della pizza, i più comuni e forse per questo anche i più difficili da individuare e correggere. Sono errori legati alla lievitazione, la stesura e la cottura, ma non mancano altri accorgimenti e malizie per imparare a fare la pizza napoletana perfetta. I sei errori della pizza: 1° errore: panetto secco (cornicione frastagliato) 2° errore: panetto non lievitato (problemi di stesura e digeribilità) 3° errore: panetto freddo (pizza a morbillo) 4° errore: panetto collassato (no reticolo glutinico) 5° errore: panetto umido (farina bruciata) 6° errore: errori nella cottura (pizza biscottata e pizza bruciata) Sponsor: Molino Caputo Musica: [Your Call] Incompetech Guarda anche: La ricetta della pizza napoletana di Enzo Coccia: L'impasto della pizza Napoletana di Enzo Coccia: Vuoi la ricetta della pizza napoletana fatta nel forno di casa? Guarda la ricetta di Davide Civitiello: Guarda anche la ricetta della pizza in teglia di Gabriele Bonci: Visita: Seguici su: Contattaci:
Downtown Disney Naples Pizza Recipe  - Neapolitan Pizza Margherita - Wood Fired Pizza
Chef Tips

Downtown Disney Naples Pizza Recipe - Neapolitan Pizza Margherita - Wood Fired Pizza

Chef Jason Hill visits with Executive Chef Greg Stillman, where he learns how to make an authentic Neapolitan Pizza recipe from Naples in Downtown Disney in a wood fired pizza oven. Stillman — a veteran of California restaurants including French Laundry in Yountville, and Catal and Naples in Downtown Disney — starts out by making his Neapolitan pizza dough recipe with Caputo flour. After showing how to punch and spin the dough, he tops the traditional Neapolitan Margherita pizza with Antonina tomatoes, fresh cubes of mozzarella and a few torn leaves of fresh basil. The wood fired pizza oven — which reaches up to 800 F — takes just a few minutes to cook. In your home oven, cook it on a pizza stone at 500 F for at least 10 minutes on the bottom rack closest to your heating element. Naples Downtown Disney Pizza Recipe: Pizza Dough (Large Batch): 10.83 pounds ice water, strained (2 cups = 1 pound) 18.27 pounds red Caputo flour 8.2 ounces salt 3.3 ounces instant yeast Pizza Dough (Make small Batch of four balls weighing 8 oz. each): 19.6 oz. flour (red caputo) .5 oz. Kosher salt (14.7 grams to be precise) .2 oz. yeast (instant, not dry active or fresh) (5.6 grams) 11.6 oz. very cold water Pizza Sauce: 1 can whole peeled Antonina tomatoes (or San Marzano tomatoes) Salt to taste For pizza: Fresh mozzarella Fresh basil Directions 1. Pizza Sauce: Puree the can of tomatoes with an immersion blender until smooth. Season to taste with salt until highly seasoned and sharp but not salty. 2. Pizza Dough: Combine the flour, salt and yeast. Place the chilled water into a mixing bowl with a dough hook, add the dry ingredients. Set to speed 1 for 10 minutes and allow to run on low speed. Check the consistency; it should be smooth like a baby. Remove the dough and immediately scale the dough into 8 oz. balls and place into a dough box (12 per box). Place the boxes in the refrigerator to slow proof for use the next day.Yield: 30 pounds (60 - 8oz. dough balls) 3. For pizza: Punch and stretch pizza as shown in the video until you form a small circle. Cover with a ladle or two of tomato sauce, followed by a scattering of fresh mozzarella cubes and fresh torn basil leaves. Bake in a wood-fired pizza oven for 2 minutes, turning every 30-45 seconds, or bake on a pizza stone in the bottom rack of your home oven at 500 F for at least 10 minutes. Cover with a squirt of olive oil and serve. Notes: If you would like to make 4 pizza doughs each weighing 8 oz. (2 pounds total weight) the recipe would scale down with the second set of dough ingredients seen above. However it is best to have an ounce/gram scale preferably digital (but not mandatory) when working with doughs. This is because it depends heavily on flour weight and not volume. Home cooks may prefer to use cups instead of weight, but this just won't do for consistency.This Neapolitan Pizza from chef Greg Stillman, who used to run Naples restaurant at Downtown Disney, is one of the best I've tried. This recipe makes quite a large batch, so feel free to scale it down if needed. SUBSCRIBE! LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM
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